Balboa Press is Selected to Publish TUNA BREATH: A 275-Pound Teenager’s Coming Of Age Story | By Doug Pedersen

Greetings friends!

It’s finally time to finish Tuna Breath once and for all.  It’s been months since I’ve done any serious writing.  Actually, it’s been longer.  My time has been devoted to my other business and raising Andrew, and he just turned 1-year.  YIKES!

2013 is my year to publish Tuna Breath.  My other work and Andrew haven’t been my problem.  I can’t even claim to have writers block.  In reality, all the words have been written.  The manuscript is written, and I’ve re-written 2/3 of it.  I’m very happy with that progress.  However, I just don’t know what to do with the last 1/3 of the book and I’ve been in this “holding pattern” for a year.  How to end it? What’s my point? What do I need to say? What does my reader need to hear?

Well, instead of over thinking it I’m going to set some bets and let the chips fall where they may.  Earlier today I committed to and purchased a self-publishing package with Balboa Press, which is a division of Hay House (the big publisher of self-help books written by Dr. Wayne Dyer and such).  I chose Balboa because they have a full suite of services and experts that I need to get Tuna Breath printed, published, and into the hands of its audience.  I also chose Balboa because they specialize in publishing books that have a positive message — and that’s definitely “Tuna Breath and Doug Pedersen!”

Committing to this direction is already lighting a fire under my bum.  Let’s see how long it burns and where it takes Tuna Breath and me.  Stay tuned!

Many thanks,

Doug P.

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