A Happy Life Is One Marshmallow Away

Do you believe that willpower is essential to having a happy and successful life? If you don’t, you might want to check the findings in these two studies:

  1. Marshmallow Test — Delaying Gratification
  2. A gradient of childhood self-control predicts health, wealth, and…

Marshmallow Test Summary

The “marshmallow test” dates back to the 1960’s. In this study, four-year-old children (individually) were given a choice: eat one marshmallow now or wait a bit (alone) and earn a second marshmallow.

Wouldn’t you know that some of the kids ate the marshmallow right away–and some of them held out for the second marshmallow. In the end, researchers found that the kids who delayed their gratification performed better in some key areas of life. Mainly, those kids had higher academic achievements, better health, and experienced less divorce. Does this indicate a happy life? I’m not sure. But ultimately, the study concluded that willpower (displayed early in children) provided a protective layer to the individual’s vulnerabilities throughout their life (observed over four decades).

The second study had very similar conclusions. Not surprising.

Take Action For A Happy Life

If you’re like me (child with no willpower), you might be thinking: “Doug, are you telling me that some people are born with willpower and some are not? Should I expect lower performance (expectations) in my life if I don’t have willpower?”

NO–absolutely not, my friend! I’m actually here to tell you the opposite! I’m living proof that everyone has willpower. You too can have a happy life. (Remember my story? I’m that “tuna guy”...)

You do have willpower. We all do. You simply have to FIND IT within yourself and EXERCISE IT like a muscle. Please, watch this video to see: How To Boost Your Willpower. Click over and find your willpower, exercise it, and increase it with ease. You’re so worth it! Here’s to your happy life!

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