TUNA BREATH Reviews: check out what others are saying about the book:


“TUNA BREATH is a pleasure to read…so utterly ENJOYABLE (and the lessons to be learned are visceral).”
~Ellen W. (Chicago, IL)


“I absolutely enjoyed it. It is hysterically funny and yet poignant, compelling and informative so it is a quick read. I highly recommend it.”
~DFM (rated 5 stars on Amazon.com)


“The story had me laughing the whole time all while helping inform folks about the effects of childhood obesity. A great read.”
~Pen Name (rated 5 stars on Amazon.com)


“For me, a good book makes me laugh, cry and think about myself in a whole different light.  I did all three with this book.Wow!! What an amazing story of self-actualization! … Again, what a wonderful story of personal redemption that I hope makes it to the NY Times Bestseller List!”
~Roxanne J. (rated 5 stars on Goodreads.com)


“While brutally honest, bittersweet, poignant, and also hilarious at times, I feel truly moved by this book by Doug Pedersen. Tuna Breath is a glimpse into this man’s soul that we all have things in common with. I think in this society, we all are a little too hard on ourselves, we judge others by our own insecurities, our fear of failure, and by our own self-loathing. Everyone I know is like this to some extent, myself included. Doug’s grandfather Andy lived as we all should, in the moment and present at all times. As Doug learned this, so should we all. Listening to our hearts, instead of what logic tells us may just be what is needed to survive and flourish in this crazy world. Thank you, Doug for helping me to open my eyes just a little bit further!”
~Pepper W. (rated 5 stars on Amazon.com)


“Doug Pedersen’s story of beating obesity is necessary and inspirational in a time when American youth is inundated with ‘quick-fix’ programs. This self-help book reads like a memoir – at once funny, poignant, and generous, while offering genuine advice.   It is the honest account of how a young boy who uses food for comfort grows into a young man consciously choosing to improve the quality of his health and life. A must read in 2011.”
~Lila J. (Chicago, IL)