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Talk Radio: Doug Interviewed on Don’t Box Me In



Doug’s interview with Lana Reid was a ton of fun! Check it out. Click the link below to hear Doug reveal his 3 personal turning points and how our problems meet our needs.

Thank you Lana for having us …

Regulate Your Hot Buttons



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Who really pisses you off? What frustrates you to the point where you want to complain or criticize? When does the mere mention of something, or the thought of something, make your gut twist and your head …

Create Your Own Needs Blueprint (quick exercise)

Human Needs Blueprint worksheet


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Last time we discussed the 6 Universal Human Needs and why we need to look to them as an explanation of our bad habits and problems–as an architect examines a blueprint, if you will.

Now let’s actually …

Build Your Needs Blueprint

vitruvian man


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A few months ago I shared a classroom with a young guy who believed that he needed $20,000,000 to be secure in his retirement. He was 24 years old and absolutely certain about this choice. So certain, …

How To Overcome Limitations

4 Dysfunctions graphic



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Now that you know the Critical Factors for Success & Happiness it’s vital that you learn how to apply them–and remember from our last chat: we must start with how to Overcome Limitations.

Limitation is defined …

Limitations: Mr. Have Versus Joe Schmoe



Do you believe that what one man can do, another can do as well? I sure hope so because we’ve all done it. Without explaining human growth, learning, and development just trust me here. We’ve all modeled our behavior …

Critical Factors For Success and Happiness

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Have you ever heard the expression: “money can’t buy happiness?” I for one have and in the circles I grew up in this saying was usually followed with, “yeah, but money sure can buy you a lot of …

New Beginnings for the Personal Turnaround Artist

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So, it’s Halloween 2013 and I am very excited about the upcoming year. I know, I know—it seems a bit early for New Year’s Resolutions but what can I say? I’m a dreamer! It’s all about new beginnings