Modern Self-Care Model

What’s your model of the world? I mean, really? What do you believe about who you are, what you’re made of, and why you’re here?

Depending on your answer to all, or some, of those questions my guess is that when it comes to self-care many of us are working with an outdated model. So, in order to address this issue I cut a video and drew (yes, hand drew) a chart that would outline things a little better for you.

Here’s the Executive Summary:

  1. There’s 4 Domains (or bodies) of self-care that you need to pay attention to: physical, mental, emotional, memory
  2. You must work to improve/grow in each domain if you want to feel your best
  3. Growing your self-mastery in each domain, and aligning them together will help you find your center and be more productive/powerful in every aspect of your life

Check out the video on my YouTube channel HERE and have a look at the fancy drawing below!

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…and let me know what you think. Here’s to your complete health and well-being!

Doug P.

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