Get Rid Of Burnout Once And For All

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BEGIN TRANSCRIPT: good morning good afternoon a good day to all of you tuning in Doug Pedersen here your friend and guy on the path to feeling better and doing better okay today’s video number 24 24:52 me upholding my commitment to post videos of value which meant to be each week here this year but we’re back to it so today we’re talking about how to get rid of burnout once and for all so if you ‘rechecking this out I really want to honor you thanks for hanging in there even with the lack of communication for me over the summer but we’ve got a great series of videos that we have plans for the next few months at least and I hope you check them out so if you’re checking out these videos is because you care is because you care about yourself hopefully because you care about yourself enough because you want to serve others and you want to feel your best so that you can do your best all right so we’re talking about burnout today so have any of you or have you ever you know said to yourself you know I just can’t do this anymore or I don’t want to do this anymore and I just need a break you know have you ever felt that way you ever felt well you just had nothing more to give and perhaps you were burned out I know that I definitely have I know that I’ve got you know I’ve got small kids as many of you know and with each stage of their development right now their nighttime routine ah I found myself saying that many times you know as they run around and want to play and my wife I are giving them instructions that ask them to get dressed and getting on your pajamas and brush your teeth and over and over again the repetition from us and the lack of response from them creates a frustration where you just don’t want to do it anymore and ultimately I probably need to review how I communicate with them and the parent thing and where the boundaries are but I’ve definitely hit those moments where you know I just don’t want to do this anymore you know and lucky for them I push through and for me as well but I know I’ve felt that way before in business as well I can remember over 10 years ago when nurse and I were still working on careers in nonprofits very tough time financially in the economy right the great recession which was a global slowdown in business there were times where I felt that you know like as I was prospecting I was just hitting my head against the wall I just don’t want to do this anymore but you stopped believing that that maybe your skills are where they should be to succeed you don’t know the lack of response that you that you’re getting has something to do with your own performance and those my friend are feelings of burnout now I’m here to tell you as someone who’s paid attention to myself I’m not a doctor I’m not a clinician but I just personally believe that we might use the term burnout a lot of times when we really just mean tired you know and if you were really burned-out like clinically burned out you probably wouldn’t be watching these videos you put me curled up in a ball somewhere hopefully talking to a doctor professional and doing things more serious than these videos but I think that that we do have this feeling a lot I know I have co-workers they feel like they have nothing left to give at the end of the day and where burnout might be present and I know people who have left jobs because they felt they were burned out on the job and so um lucky for me you know I don’t feel like I get burned out anymore and that situation with my kids even though it could be frustrating at times a find a way to not burnout it lucky for me I found a way to push through in those hard days in the early days of careers in nonprofits we’re trying to build the business where I didn’t quit you know and I think back now is if I had where would I be I really don’t know there’s no option to quit on the kids so that’s not going to happen now I’m using that tongue-in-cheek because some of us do have children know that they could dig in there dig in there dig in there dig in there and push your boundaries but what do we do as parents we find a way forward right if you’re a good parent you find a way forward you know change your communication change a habit discipline them somehow where they can take can learn but also move forward in the instruction right you don’t get burned out with your kids you just continue to love them and find a new way we want to apply that same type of principle that same deep connection no matter hard it might get we want to find a way to push through we want to eliminate burnout once I’m not saying you won’t get frustrated I’m going to saying you won’t get stressed if you pay attention to me I’m gonna hope that you don’t do those things are going to those responses very often but what I’m going to say is you’re not going to get burned out all right the old school of thought is that when you burn out you got to change something external right change the relationship change a job change the inputs change the things that are around you so that you can find stress right so you can find freedom from stress you know and that’s where we find people that would leave jobs change careers maybe stop relationships you know or stop habits that may be ultimately good for them you know and so the new school of thought is that you really just need to prioritize self-care all right there’s model out there you can that I found on Harvard Business Review it’s from clinical psychologist by the name of Maslach you can look it up and basically you know they’ve done the research this woman and her colleagues have done the research to put burnout into a three pronged model if you will and so you can look at the symptoms of burnout and she basically talks about how its fatigue a combination of fatigue cynicism or when someone’s cynical and then also they feel ineffective whether you’re the word that’s in the model is in efficacy all right so it’s basically when someone’s exhausted so we might be feeling cynical right stop caring about other people or other things or the processes stop caring about the job stop caring about the company stop caring about that relationship or whatever they’re customers let’s say or to the point where those two things or one of those things might be so strong they start to second-guess themselves by you start to believe that maybe you’re not good enough right and that your skills aren’t on par and you start to lose confidence okay and so the way through all that honestly again I think the new school of thought is that self-care just has to be apriority even if you’re not being subjected to some of these symptoms of burnout but I really believe that with whether you apply yourself to that model or you just want to feel better and not analyze you know from a logical standpoint or from permit from a textbook standpoint if you just have to understand it burn out okay from what I’ve experienced where I’ve talking about people that I work with is most the time self-imposed that old school of thought we have to change the job change the relationship change the career to feel better yeah that might be the answer but it might not be you know it might not be it might be where you just need to change your perspective you know think a lot of burnout especially when we use that word burnout we’re really just tired you know and we might be frustrated and experiencing some level of real stress but it might just be chronic stress or maybe we be experiencing what I would call functional burnout you know someone that’s really burned-out is on the couch like they’ve left their job they’re tapped out they’re gone you know and a lot of us don’t do that we find a way to push through so we might be feeling some chronic frustration some chronic stress and functional burnout if you will and we can we can work with that we can work to strip that out and a lot of that has to do with just how we feel about things our perception right it’s what we perceive how can the Great Recession of all times you know be debilitating for one person and the greatest opportunity for another you know nurse now by the grace of God just found the way to push through that that time and grow the business and we’re ate level now that you know we couldn’t foresee ten years ago now we have three branches about to open the fourth in major cities in America over 20employees and we serve hundreds of nonprofits a year and we’ve sold millions and millions and millions in staffing services over the last ten years a lot of money okay so it impacted lot of people done a lot of good you know how can that be if it was such Abad time you know not to throw darts at anyone else but I know other folks that try to do the same things that we were doing at that time that didn’t we weren’t able to push through you know it just wasn’t their time or whatever the case is and it became one of the worst periods for them professionally and their firm in fact some of these firms didn’t even didn’t even make it so it’s really about perception and what can you proceed and what allows you to move forward in healthy positive way to accomplish not only what you want but maybe to take you down the path that you’re meant to all right so here’s what it all adds up to all right I really want you to just get that key point is that burnout is self-imposed the old school is that hay got to change something major quit something you know cancel something change the external look at other people and I really want you to just turn that around and say I just need to change my perspective maybe just need to take care of myself a little bit better prioritize self-care you know and don’t get exhausted you know a lot of times we ‘retired our minds if we’re especially we’re tend to worry we’re prone to worry you know can play tricks on us you know and so don’t let that happen don’t get tired okay we’ve talked about a lot of these things we talked over seven months ago I introduced a modern self-care model and the four major areas you need to pay attention to if you really want to do your best but also feel your best all rights the modern self-care model is the way to apply yourself if you’re going to look at self-care you need to look back at that model and figure out what areas you need to address okay we’ve talked about the energy continuum right introduced that months ago but energy if you’re looking for energy and vitality and that feelings of well-being you know lot of times we’re looking for that one thing what’s that one thing that Icon do it was that one food or supplement or drink or just was that one thing is gonna make me feel better that one pill that magic pill if you will but you just know by now if you’ve been paying attention to anything that we’ve been talking about is that energy and vitality happen in a continuum all rightist’s not one thing it’s a linkage of practices it’s one thing move to the next thing to the next thing that adds up to energy that’s up into vitality so you have to be looking at yourself care as a linkage of practices right linking your nutrition with your rest with your your mental input swimming what you ‘rereading or what you’re concentrating on with how you’re feeling link those things together right it’s about dynamic system of systems that work together self-care is as systems is a system of systems that work together you are an ecosystem all right so you take one element out you’re not going to your best you take the Sun out of our atmosphere things don’t grow on earth you keep the Sun but you take water out there’s no life okay so you have to have all the elements for life to be present and for it to feel good for you to feel your best so think about your self-care as a continuum linkage of practices a system of systems okay so the last points that you know the energy snowball we’ve talked about that before but the energy snowball is the best implementation don’t look for the one magic pill the one magic workout the one magic supplement find three practices indifferent domains of modern self-care model they can be powerful enough that you can commit to and commit to doing them together each day mine is reading something that I find spiritually invigorating and then I’ll smoke curious about it gets my mind into a place where I’d just have like I’m a kid in the candy store and I’m exploring things that I’m curious about and finding answers and asking more questions and just letting my mind going to a very good but very fertile positive space I meditate every day and I put myself into an emotional state after thinking about what I’m what I’m what I’ve read I try to feel it right and I practice heart math if you’ve heard that I’m a certified heart math instructor but we can really change your emotional state and access things like care and gratitude and love and courage and all those things all those things that are get all those feel-good rejuvenating emotions I mean lastly the third thing Idol in the physical domain is at some point sometimes directly after but a lot oftentimes early in the day I do physically challenging workout and actually work the muscles and a lot of times I’m thinking about what I read or I’m feeling what I what I what I what I did during meditation or I’m thinking and feeling something good about what I have to do that day and I’m working my muscles and my central nervous system is activated while I’m doing that and so tome that’s momentum that builds momentum I’ve been doing it long enough to know you know that I just have a different day when I’m emphasizing those things versus anything else I have a different day when I do those things then when I don’t you know and I’ve done them so much now I’ve got good energy good vitality in the bank so if I do miss away I still feel good I’m still able to think positively I’m still able to feel great I’m still able to move around and do the things that I want from an active standpoint all right so the energy snowball is definitely the best implementation okay a little bit longer video but it’s been a while I’ve missed you guys and I really want you guys to get it get this and move forward and grab some of these old concepts brush the dust off trying for yourself and start feeling better you don’t start feeling better so some people I had a chance to teach over the summer and actually the latest course or class that talk was about burnout and one of the questions is what’s the biggest obstacle to this what’s the hardest part what’s the hardest part to implement and the honest truth is the hardest part was the biggest mistake is that people don’t do anything all righting that room I said that up like if you’re in this room you’re not burned-out you know if you’re watching this video I don’t know I mean you could bayou could be a zombie for all I know that’s what Brandon Bouchard always says but you could be anybody for all I know and so I don’t know if you’re burned out don’t know if you’re clinically burned-out my guess is my prayer is that you’re not maybe just frustrated a little stressed and looking for some answers but either way your biggest mistake is not doing anything it’s almost 20/20 okay we have the internet if you’re watching this you have some access to the modern world and most likely you’re in the modern world you in America with me but any regard to where you’re watching this video from anywhere in the world you have access tithe modern world and you can make choices in the here and now and so your biggest mistake is not doing anything with the information that you already know even if it’s not perfect okay so doing nothing is your greatest mistake the second one is what I call Hail Mary attempts if you watch football all right Hail Mary it tenses is really just again going back to that concept that idea where you just need one thing that one pill that one supplement that one food that one exercise it’s gonna make it think better Hail Mary attempts don’t work alright I can tell you in anything in my own self-care in business with my my marriage with my kids I mean there’s no there’s no the everything works and nothing works and everything works in a system all right so it’s multiple things stacked together that creates a victory it’s multiple things stacked together that creates self-care it’s multiple things stacked together including grace that brings out well-being okay so forget Hail Mary not if you’re actually saying Hail Mary’s I’m gonna saying that but Hail Mary attempt you know just trying one thing and putting all your eggs in one basket and then watching it burn up in your face alright good to go guys does that make sense if we delivered today on some value I certainly hope so think about that get rid of burnout once and for all by just not perceiving it take care of yourself get some rest take care feel better so you can do better alright guys that’s my time take care we’ll see you next week for another fun video English (auto-generated)

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