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“Don’t Be An OxyMoron”

Greetings friends!

Folks have been asking me to “serve a little taste” of the memoir.  I’m not sure what sequence this chapter will end up in, but for now this is the beginning, and rough draft, of Chapter 2.

Be …

Obesity Tax? Hey Lawmakers: It’s The Food, Stupid!

Greetings friends!

Are you up to date on the latest obesity policies suggested by our lawmakers?  I definitely wasn’t until I read an article in my local paper.  Having had a personal background with childhood obesity, I couldn’t help but …


TUNA BREATH: Table of Contents

Greetings friends!

Here’s a sneak peek of where the memoir is heading.  The period covers 1985 to 2006, or so, but TB is more than just a chronicle of events.  Each chapter includes (real) characters, description of scenes, and dialogue …

Obesity–what is that anyway? What If I’m just Big Boned?

Actually, “Obesity” was my best friend in the 1980’s…

Greetings friends!

I never considered myself to be obese until the Mayo Clinic told me I was.  Here’s what they say about it:

“Obesity is defined as having an excessive amount …

Doug Pedersen – Welcome To My Blog

Greetings friends and welcome to my Blog!

Many of you “first readers” are my dear family and friends that know me, or at least know part of me, very well.  So, I truly appreciate those of you that have listened …