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"The only certainties in life are 'time' and 'change'. The question we must continually ask ourselves: Is now the time to change?"

- Doug Pedersen

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This self-improvement book–disguised as a memoir–is at once funny, poignant, and generous. Providing intimate insights into being a “super fat kid,” and insecure teenager, and an over-aggressive, angry, and ironically arrogant Marine who was full of self-pity, Doug shares the negative emotional drivers and responses that drove him through a "binge eating life" before finding physical health, emotional balance, and spiritual wholeness.

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“TUNA BREATH is a pleasure to read…so utterly ENJOYABLE (and the lessons to be learned are visceral).” - Ellen Woods

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TUNA BREATH: A 275-Pound Teenager’s Coming Of Age Story

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Doug’s interview with Lana Reid was a ton of fun! Check it out. Click the link below to hear Doug reveal his 3 personal turning points and how our problems meet our needs.

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A few weeks back I was interviewed by Katie McCarthy (@momentsofmoxie), Founder & Host of Give Good Podcast. The podcast is one of the top podcasts in iTunes and focuses on sharing the success, failures and lessons learned …

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A few months ago I shared a classroom with a young guy who believed that he needed $20,000,000 to be secure in his retirement. He was 24 years old and absolutely certain about this choice. So certain, …