New Beginnings for the Personal Turnaround Artist

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So, it’s Halloween 2013 and I am very excited about the upcoming year. I know, I know—it seems a bit early for New Year’s Resolutions but what can I say? I’m a dreamer! It’s all about new beginnings

New book reveals childhood obesity’s invisible battleground

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Doug Pedersen announces release of ‘Tuna Breath’


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Video: See the transformation one person can make

Transformation happens on many levels…


Right Now: Why We Need New Solutions To Address Obesity In America

This blog provides basic statistics of the obesity, and childhood obesity, epidemic in America. It also introduces a new approach on how to address the problem.Greetings friends!

Right now, how worried are you about obesity?

Right now obesity in America is a widespread health problem that has grown rapidly in recent decades. According to research conducted by the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey from …


Video: Announcing “TUNA BREATH” the book | 30 second video teaser

TUNA BREATH video teaser…


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It’s DONE … How to buy TUNA BREATH: A 275-Pound Teenager’s Coming Of Age Story by Doug Pedersen

“Tuna Breath: A 275-Pound Teenager’s Coming of Age Story” by Doug Pedersen is now available for sale!

Buy it from Balboa Press,  Amazon, or Barnes & Noble — or order it from your local bookstore (Author, Doug Pedersen …

Quotes from TUNA BREATH

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All the writing is done and my manuscript is being formally edited by a talented Balboa Press editor. So while I wait to receive my revisions, I thought I would share the quotes from TUNA BREATH I open …

TUNA BREATH sample (Chapter 4)

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Here’s another TUNA BREATH sample–the updated opening to the book’s marquis chapter: Tuna Breath.  I originally didn’t reveal my obsession with, or the identity of, the weight scale until the end of the chapter.  But I re-wrote it …

TUNA BREATH sample (Chapter 3)

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Here’s another TUNA BREATH sample–an excerpt of chapter 3: Cut Your Hair and get Job.  This chapter explains the unique title, which is actually something my dad told me many times as a kid, and it reveals how …

TUNA BREATH sample (Chapter 2)

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Here is another TUNA BREATH sample–an excerpt of chapter 2: Don’t Be an Oxymoron. This chapter outlines how I got superfat as a kid and what it was like for me as an obese teenager. I really struggled …

TUNA BREATH is at the printer; Doug Pedersen is a published author!

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My friends at Balboa Press sent me a “Congratulations Email” today.  Tuna Breath’s cover and interior proofs have been approved by the production staff and the files have been sent to the printer for preparation (say that 3x …

TUNA BREATH is almost ready for print!

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I received the “interior proof” for Tuna Breath — that’s the draft version of what the inside pages of the book will look like.  I absolutely love it.  The people at Balboa Press are doing an amazing job, …