New Beginnings for the Personal Turnaround Artist

Greetings friends!

So, it’s Halloween 2013 and I am very excited about the upcoming year. I know, I know—it seems a bit early for New Year’s Resolutions but what can I say? I’m a dreamer! It’s all about new beginnings for me right now and that includes my blog site.

As I’ve gone around promoting TUNA BREATH over the summer and fall people around the country—and around the world, really—keep asking me “How?” Seriously, of everything I wrote people want to know “How?”

For example, a guy from Arizona asked me how I really lost so much weight so quickly. A teacher in Seattle asked how I avoided mercury poisoning after eating so much tuna. A woman from South Carolina asked how a guy with a start like mine graduated with honors from a popular University. A man from Germany asked how I geometrically grew my business during the great recession. A woman from France asked how I wrote a book with a new baby in the house. A dude from New York asked how I was so happy, right after he asked how I had so much free time to spend with my two year old son. A woman from England asked how I published the book as an unknown writer. A lawyer from California asked how I found my soul mate. And the list of “How’s?” goes on, and on, and on.

I completely understand their curiosity. Let’s face it: 20-years ago I was a 275 pound community college dropout making $9.00/hour. It wasn’t a bad life. But for those that have looked at the old pictures and have hung out with me recently, it’s just hard for them to make the connection. My transformation simply boggles their mind.

Anyway, in each “How?” instance my reply is always: “Well, it’s easy for me. I am a Personal Turnaround Artist and I am my own canvas.” After they stop blankly blinking at me, we smile together and we discuss my beliefs and strategies for success, happiness, balance, health, etc.

Recently, in a dimly lit London hotel room, it struck me that this is the exact information I must share on this blog site. It is the makings of the exact program I must teach throughout 2014 as part of my Art of the Personal Turnaround curriculum. And, it is the new beginning of the text book that I must write next year.

So, as I continue to create my Personal Canvas I eagerly invite you to join me. Please be my friend in this journey; let’s experience together. Follow me! Over the next days, weeks, and months I will be chronicling mine and others experiences, lessons, and strategies within these subject categories:

  1. The Success Mindset
  2. Critical Factors for Success & Happiness
  3. Ingredients for Harmonious Living
  4. Conditions of Prosperity

And as we travel down the road together, be on the lookout for in-detail explanations and tools that I will share to directly address individual topics like (and more):

  • 4 Dysfunctions of Happy Living
  • 4 Power Centers of Personality
  • 5 Aspects of Whole Energy
  • The “Problem:Potential” Relationship
  • Great Problems to Have
  • Optics of Optimism & Opportunity
  • Masculinity in the Age of Equality
  • Fearless Femininity For-Real
  • Art & Science of Dynamic Living

I will be teaching much of this via teleconferences, webinars, and in workshops throughout 2014—but I will be originating and sharing the majority of the content informally right here on this blog for free. My goal is to update the Blog with 2-3 heartfelt posts per week—with maybe 300-500 simple but powerful words.

Please sign up to my email list so that I can let you know when a new idea is posted. If you see something you like now or in the future, let someone know about us. It could be a family member, friend, colleague, or especially a person you can’t stand! Share what we’re doing here to help with Personal Turnarounds and have them sign up. Help me spread the word and let us improve our environments together—and let us own this exciting journey as one!

In the meantime, let me know about you. What’s your personal canvas like? What is it missing or what does it need right now? What turnaround does your personal canvas need to experience?

Take care, my friend, and I look forward to this New Beginning!

Doug P.

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