TUNA BREATH is at the printer; Doug Pedersen is a published author!

Greetings friends!

My friends at Balboa Press sent me a “Congratulations Email” today.  Tuna Breath’s cover and interior proofs have been approved by the production staff and the files have been sent to the printer for preparation (say that 3x fast!)  That means that the book “will go LIVE” (be available for sale) within about 10 business days.  Wow, here we grow!

Anyway, they asked me how it feels to be a “published author” and I must say that it feels the same as being an unknown writer!  Printing and distributing my memoir is only 10% of the work; getting the work out and letting Tuna Breath find its audience is the other 90%.  The good news is that I am energized, I have a direction and I am really proud of this piece – and it doesn’t hurt that I am passionate about helping others … so bring on the other 90% … I am ready to finish the job! What a journey?!

Thanks for hanging in there with me and stay tuned for Tuna Breath’s official launch and release date.

Doug P.

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