TUNA BREATH Table of Contents (AHA! I can now finish my book!)

Greetings friends!

I finally have the final chapters outlined for Tuna Breath.  The new, and final, direction for how to close the book literally came to me as I sat down to write earlier this week.  I love writing; it makes my soul sing!

Here are the chapter titles (see below).  Stay tuned for writing samples and quotes from each chapter.  I’ll include them in later posts.

Many thanks,

(PS – Tuna Breath is becoming a reality.  I can’t wait to see it in my hands…by June (2013) I’m thinking 🙂 )

Doug P.


Author Introduction
Chapter 1: Like “Nurse” with an “-iss”
Chapter 2: Don’t Be an Oxymoron
Chapter 3: Cut Your Hair and Get a Job
Chapter 4: Tuna Breath
Chapter 5: Run, Forrest, Run!
Chapter 6: Running with the Devil
Chapter 7: Arrogance Isn’t Bliss
Chapter 8: Misery Loves Arrogance
Chapter 9: Black Panther Party
Chapter 10: So Damn Lucky
Chapter 11: That’s Life
Picture Diary
About the Author

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