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A Conversation With ObesityBeater

Question: 23-year old obese female
” What I’m asking is, what do you do to keep yourself going, especially on the sluggish days when you don’t wanna move or can’t get outside due to the weather? I live in a very snowy/rainy region so this happens frequently. How do you make yourself go when you want to make excuses not to do it?? I need help with this BADLY.  Before I was able to do it without hesitation and I actually enjoyed it. I’m not sure how to put myself back into a mindset where I can enjoy what I’m doing so that I can go longer and harder, yielding more satisfying results.

Answer: ObesityBeater
Having my head right was the biggest reason I was able to stay on track and lose weight. The truth is, though, I ultimately stayed on track because:

1.) I was very scared of gaining more weight
2.) I was obsessed and used the scale to keep from eating
3.) I linked my weight loss goal to another goal I was aiming for

In my case I really wanted to be a Marine. This was an impossible dream at 275 lbs.  I needed to weigh closer to 175 lbs. So, when I felt sluggish or lazy it was common for me to push through with my fear, obsession, or motivation to just get there.

If I might: have you decided why you want to lose weight and commit to it for good? If not, I would explore that. You might also try balancing your approach with diet and exercise. Crazy workouts never last and radical diets are very hard to keep up. It’s better for you to get the right amount of healthy foods (and yes, it should taste good), a proper amount of rest, and enough exercise to keep your body in balance. This is a long-term recipe for success and you don’t have to train, or live, like an Olympic Swimmer to do that.

Like you, though, I had a lot of problems with exercise in the beginning. Things changed dramatically when I finally stopped lying/listening to myself. You know, when I turned off the negative/self-defeating thoughts.

If you used to enjoy exercise, try to recall what it was that you enjoyed about it. Was it the sense of accomplishment? Was it the physical feeling of having all your senses awakened? The scenery? Your daughter watching you and being proud?

Try to remember whatever you enjoyed and then visualize it. Visualize it a lot and to the point where you’re focused – even before you start exercising. Get to that place again in your thoughts. Once your workout starts to hurt, try recalling what you enjoyed. Bring back those memories and get there again.

The fact is your body does what your mind focuses on. If you’re focused on the “quit” message all the time–well, guess what? If you’re focused on what you enjoy about the activity, then you will push through it. Also, don’t forget that you have to build yourself back up in a healthy, moderate way if you’ve taken some time off .  Don’t beat yourself up too badly. Rome wasn’t built in a day, but it was built!

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