Does Your Doctor Have A Weight Bias?

Greetings friends!

Have you seen this article: Doctors and nurses’ weight biases harm overweight patients ?


1.  6% of moderately overweight people experience bias due to their size
2.  13% of obese people experience bias
3.  40% of severely obese people experience bias
4.  of 600 doctors surveyed, 50% view obese patients as “awkward, unattractive, and non compliant”
5.  11 studies show that many nurses harbor negative opinions of these patients

Is anyone else besides me struck by this?  I can understand the frustration with non compliant patients of any kind.  Trying to help someone that doesn’t take the advice would be irritating to anyone.  But to take it farther and openly describe obese patients (people) as “awkward” and “unattractive” I think says nothing except where we are in society.  It’s a sad judgment that I think many overweight folks already know and feel (I know I did) but many don’t deserve … even from doctors.

What do you think?

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