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Greetings friends and welcome to my Blog!

Many of you “first readers” are my dear family and friends that know me, or at least know part of me, very well.  So, I truly appreciate those of you that have listened to me talk about this project for months before finally seeing it come to life.  Who would have thought: Doug P. has a blog?!

For those of you viewing this in the future, you’re more than likely interested in weight loss.  Perhaps you’re an adult or a teenager that’s currently fighting obesity.  You could be unsatisfied with your weight and afraid of becoming obese.  Or maybe, you are a parent of an obese kid or some type of a practitioner that’s interested in the obesity epidemic in America.  In every case, it’s a pleasure to meet you and I’d like to take a moment and let you know who I am and what this blog is all about.

If you browse for even a few minutes you will see that I’m writing a memoir.  The memoir is called “TUNA BREATH: The Inspiring True Story of a Guy Who Beat Childhood Obesity and Found Peace, Happiness, and Balance in Life” (at least that’s what it’s called for now).

I never expected to share my story with anyone.  In fact, I had spent the better part of fifteen years ignoring and even hiding it from people.  Earlier this year (summer of 2010) I got inspired and decided to change my attitude.  I can’t recall exactly what it was, but I remember feeling frustrated about the obesity epidemic in our country.  I remember thinking to myself, “Why do all the medical experts, media, the fitness and supplement people, and the drug makers ‘talk about’ obese people instead of ‘talk to’ us?”  I just felt like something was missing.  The advice just wasn’t simple enough and the more I listened I realized that most of it often glossed over the very easy principles that I had to learn as a young guy almost twenty years ago.  Equally important, I couldn’t help but see that “the modern solutions” quite frankly ignore the emotional side of obesity and successful weight loss strategies altogether.

So, I hatched my plan and decided to get involved as “That Guy.”  Yes, I’m “That Guy.”  I’m that guy who beat childhood obesity and lived to talk about it.  I’m that guy who spent years of emotional “ups and downs” (actually there were many “downs” before I ever had any “ups”); who has done all the reading, trial and error, and practical application in order to live healthy and balanced.  I’m that guy that wants to help you do the same.  I’m that guy that wants to give back in an inspiring, touching, and fun way — and TUNA BREATH is one way I’m doing that.

I may or may not be a role model; we can let the future determine that.  My war with child obesity (and life afterwards); however, was a very individual effort that included battles with fear, binge eating, and self-pity.  My battles after that were with arrogance, ignorance, more self-pity and alcohol abuse which all ultimately kept me from getting exactly what I wanted out of life – even when I thought I was “on my way.”  The truth is that these battles were all linked and I was obsessed with the wrong things.  I was unbalanced – physically at times and emotionally at others.  I was far from being whole.  Role model or not, I have a lot of information that is “battle tested” and that I’ve been told is inspiring.  I’m eager to share it and let you be the judge!

What can you expect?  Well, for starters you can expect for me to be serious at times, sarcastic at times, and even try to make you laugh at times – but you can always count on me being completely open and honest about my story, my opinion, and my advice as I share my this wonderful writing experience and journey on making TUNA BREATH come to life.

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog.  I encourage you to “keep reading!” and to follow my future musings, rants, and passion for your success.  Be sure to join my email newsletter and make comments to my posts as we take this journey together.

Sincerely yours and until the next time!


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